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Better response on post RULESAll Rules Must Be Followed. Else You Will Be Punished.

- You Won't Leak OR Sell Any Scripts From Here . Else You Will Get A Really Harsh Punishment. For Example, Your Personal Info Will Be Leaked And You Will Be Blacklisted.
- You Are Not Allowed To Argue About Any Script. If The Script Is Not Working Just Report It To A Support Member Or In The Report Section.
- Everything Should Be Kept To Yourself From Here.
- Nothing Should Be Advertised Here Or On Discord.
- Term And Conditions Must Be Read And Followed.
- BREAKING ANY RULE HERE IS PUNISHABLE. If You Get Blacklisted For It. We Won't Be Able To Forgive Or Whitelist You Again. So Follow The Rules.

Terms And Conditions:

- All Scripts Are Ours And You Can't Share It Anyone Without Our Permission.
- The Service Can Be Dis-Continued At Anytime.
- If The Service Get Discontinued, You Will Not Complaint Or Anything. Since It Can Be Back In Future And You Will Be Blacklisted From It.
- We Can Kick/Banned Or Blacklist You For Any Reason Or No Reason.


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